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eFileCabinet Desktop allows you take your old, bulky file cabinets and transform them to your desktop; saving you time, space and money.  Paper documents and digital files are stored in one central location, making retrieving and storing files quick and easy. eFileCabinet is more than just a file cabinet, but a complete solution to increase the efficiency in your office.

It is designed as a client/server software that you download right to the computers in your office. All files are stored on your local server so everyone in your organization has access to company documents. And no need to worry, security measures such as role-based permissions and audit logs keep your critical data safe.

eFileCabinet Online is electronic document management for organizations that want the freedom to access their files anytime, anywhere. Since documents are stored in the Cloud, it provides a central location to capture, manage, share and protect all files handled within your office, both paper-based and digital.

Your account is accessed via Web browser, so no server is needed and eFileCabinet itself backs up your files for you. All files are stored on a remote server in our state-of-the-art data centers. Files are encrypted and advanced security measures are put in place so you don't have to worry about your information or documents being stolen or hacked.

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