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 Malware Prevention and Removal 

What is Malware?

  • Adware automatically plays, displays, or downloads ads to  your computer. While most adware is harmless, some may come with spyware. 
  • Spyware is secretly installed on computers to collects bits of data about you.
  • Malicious keyloggers track the keys you use on a keyboard, They slow the performance of your computer.  
  • Rootkits allow someone to monitor and/or retain command and control over what someone using your computer does. Malicious rootkits secretly infiltrate your computer, install themselves, and possibly reinstall and reinstall a virus. Some will be activated every time you reboot your computer. Some will produce nasty results you do not want.



Those awesome sites your friends and friends of friends visit can sometimes be a source of problems you do not want. Are your computers protected against spyware? Adware? Rootkits? How do you know? Do not wait until your system has slowed to a crawl...We recommend using and keeping your corporate AVG solution up to date. Contact us now to find out how.



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