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 Our Story 

We are fans of Herman Melville's novel MOBY DICK. It's a story of courage and survival in the face of misguided pride and desire for revenge. 

We started business when many companies were still using mainframes and minis, which we thought of as whales. So we originally thought of ourselves as helping companies to transition from the whales to smaller, faster and smarter technologies. 

That era passed.

While there are many who conduct some or all of their business in the cloud, there are still many small-medium size businesses that still run on local area networks.  We continue to specify, order, install, update and support hardware and software. While our marketing image and our services have evolved with time, we are nevertheless serious about keeping our mission, vision and values in place. 

However, we don't always take ourselves all that seriously....

"Can't we just go after sailfish?"

(With thanks and  full acknowledgement to Gahan Wilson for the above cartoon which appeared in the August 1965 Playboy magazine)



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