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 Systems Integration 
Not all apps today run in the cloud. There are still some that run on a local workstation. There are some that run a small bit of code on a local workstation, with other parts of the app on a server. For example, your business may run an accounting and tax package that is mostly on a local server. The data from your app may be backed up automatically onto another local drive, or even backed up onto a site on the Net. Our conversation with you includes knowing not only how to reinstall your apps but also where and how your local apps are backed up. And how to get them back if necessary.  A few of the apps we recommend and support are here.
What can Pequod Systems do with you?
Systems Analyst
We don't do for you. We do with you. Systems integration begins with you.
What are your technical goals and objectives? What are you using now? Does it work for you? Are most of your applications on the Internet somewhere? (in "the cloud"?) Or are they on a server where you work? How much of your time is spent on the road versus how much time you spend in your office? Are you a teleworker? Do most of your apps live on your SmartPhone? on an iPad? These are the kinds of questions we ask you about. As one of our core values says, we listen before recommending and implementing a technical strategy.
Today it's popular to repurpose all kinds of objects. Unless you are planning to use an old workstation  as a doorstop or that old SmartPhone as a paperweight, we do not suggest repurposing  computer hardware. Today BYOD --- Bring Your Own Device --- is  popular in the workplace. Sometimes there are apps that just do not work on all hardware, so part of our job is to assess how well your own device will or will not work on the job...and to talk with you about possible technical issues that may come up. Some of the hardware we support is described here.

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