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Questions? Call us at (301) 445-6206.

 Vision, Values and Mission 

We bring to our practice a blend of technical professional certifications, real-world experience and active interest  in what helps you work productively. Our principals hold industry-related certifications, including MCSE, MCNE, CNE and MLS. We partner with major manufacturers and service providers. Real-world experience includes end user support, technical project management and site re-engineering in small businesses and in large enterprises. We network internationally through Toastmasters International.  


  • Through our integrated technologies, small and mid-range companies discover, serve and grow their best markets. They enjoy a healthy return on investment, based on a reliable, holistic understanding of the stakeholders they serve and the lives they touch.


  • Our language is Business. We
    • listen before speaking
    • think before acting
    • research before recommending
    • team with other service providers we know and trust
    • believe in educating you and learning from you
    • act on the understanding that one size does not fit all.


  • We deliver superior, time-sensitive customized technical service and products to you---a stakeholder in a midmarket company. We deliver in a way that makes sense to you while raising awareness of pending technology changes and respecting the corporate need for proven business solutions approaches.

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