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 Whales, Ships and Saying our Name 

Whaling Ships

whaling ship

This is a whaling ship. Notice the longboats attached to the side, which enabled whale hunters to row out to the whale. More about the whaling industry at the time Herman Melville knew about it is in the New Bedford Whaling Museum in Massachusetts.



The picture above is a white whale, similar to the fictional Moby Dick that Herman Melville wrote about. We would rather see our community save the whales than hunt them. While many nations no longer hunt whales commercially, there are some that still do.

Saying Our Name

The Whaling Ship PEQUOD

Pequod sounds like "Pea Quad." Emphasize the first syllable.

The above picture of the Pequod is how Rockwell Kent illustrated it for the 1930 edition of the Herman Melville novel, Moby Dick

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